About McGuire's Taxidermy and Freeze Drying

McGuire's Taxidermy and Freeze Drying is located in McDowell, VA and owned and operated by Harold McGuire.

Harold has been doing taxidermy for 16 years and started with the goal to create the most realistic mount he could. He has come along way since those early years, but his goal is still the same.

Being an avid turkey and deer hunter has helped him observe nature and create lifelike mounts consistantly.

McGuire's Taxidermy does big game, small game, birds and fish.

The freeze dry department does turkey heads, small fish and birds, and velvet antlers.

Harold can be reached at 540-357-3392 or at mcguire3188@gmail.com

 The shop is located at 7134 Highland Tpke, McDowell VA 24458